An internationally recognized centre of excellence in educational assessment that provides quality services to build the integrity and profile of the education system leading to an improvement in the quality of learning in Bhutan.


BCSEA shall guide the Bhutanese education system in its progressive shift in policy focus and support the education ministry in bringing about improvements in schooling so that students not only fulfil their potentials and meet the international learning standards, but are also better prepared for the world of work.

BCSEA shall not only professionalize the assessment system and move beyond the rudiments of measuring the minimal tasks of rote and recall but also gauge the integrity of curricular programs, selection of learning materials, the way they are delivered, and the quality of output through modern scientific assessment methods.

BCSEA as a highly professional and autonomous national evaluation and assessment agency shall carry out periodic centrally-organized national examinations, assessments, monitoring and research activities to set new standards in schooling system that will lead to positive educational reforms.