Engagement in the Evaluation Workshop for 2022 Examinations.

The Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA), Thimphu would like to inform the public that the service delivery officials shall be engaged in the evaluation workshop for the 2022 BCSE/BHSEC/LCSC/VIII Common Examination (VIII, X, and XII) examinations with effect from 1st January till 23rd January 2023. For clients applying for duplicate mark sheets, please take note of the following: 1) BHSEC (XII)/BCSE (X) – apply online through the given website. (G2C) for the year 2006 till date. 2) BCSE (X) – apply offline for the year 2001 to 2005 (Need to fill up the form which can be downloaded from 3) LCSC (X & XII) – apply offline to date. 4) ISC (XII) and ICSC (X) need to fill up the Undertaking which can be downloaded from 5) English Language Proficiency Certificate (ELPC) service will continue to be provided from the BCSEA office, in Thimphu. For your convenience, the Management will send a soft (scanned) copy of your document/s through your personal email ID. Please provide your correct email ID while applying. There is a provision to provide your email ID with your correct Mobile number on the Online system. You may collect your original Statement of Marks and Pass Certificate from the BCSEA office, Babesa, Thimphu with effect from 25th January onwards. For any inquiries, please contact the following numbers: 322724 /332546/326559. Should you encounter any issues while applying for online services, you may please contact 1199 (G2C front desk). Please contact this number 17726040 (BCSEA) regarding the scanned copy. Thank You!

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